If I Live By The Light

If I live by the light, then I know it’s all gonna keep on finding me, She will find me, more life will find me, that jolt of pure energy and momentum will find me, All will be dancing inside of itself and further still, like Russian dolls made of jewels and dreams, made of sweat and steam, we hung …

astronomadIf I Live By The Light

Turn me in

Turn me in, Turn me into these willful tropical winds, These lavish salted gusts of mind clearing peace. Turn me in, To a constant, a constant arriving pleasure… so that I might lift your dress higher, trace your neck line and mess up your plans again. Watching as the trash gets cleared from your path. Now lean into me, with …

astronomadTurn me in

Nature, She Knows This Place

Nature She knows this place. The place right here, it is her body, its here that everything meets and intersects, busy being born or busy returning to the source core element dirt. Here it’s all happening with relentless ease, the naturally beautiful the fresh and greasy and the poisonous. Spring is coming on strong pushing on the winter chill that …

astronomadNature, She Knows This Place