Turn me in

Turn me in,
Turn me into these willful tropical winds,
These lavish salted gusts of mind clearing peace.
Turn me in,
To a constant, a constant arriving pleasure…
so that I might lift your dress higher, trace your neck line
and mess up your plans again.

Watching as the trash gets cleared from your path.
Now lean into me,
with your tongue tangled by velvet dreams.

Tip toeing on the crest of the world’s edge,
where only the brail of your golden skin speaks…
telling of great storms inside every smooth shell curve.

There is an invisible force that forms code and pulls cords
And yearns to break back into a billion savage sparks of light.

Remembering the melody that calls you back to the closest part inside your self.
And here, how your smile arrives time and time again
Weight less, and with out effort.

astronomadTurn me in