Nature, She Knows This Place

Nature She knows this place. The place right here, it is her body, its here that everything meets and intersects, busy being born or busy returning to the source core element dirt. Here it’s all happening with relentless ease, the naturally beautiful the fresh and greasy and the poisonous.

Spring is coming on strong pushing on the winter chill that lingers in the air that fills my lungs full. Soft green needles brush against my skin, new buds and shoots and spirals un folding every where, webs being spun, wings breaking and popping chrysalis silver walls. The scope of time halts and seems frozen in still life moments, seemingly un -altered and un-disturbed by man’s presence, now a rare thing to behold.

Two young Deer dart and stop in the shadowed wooded incline not far from me, we exchange stares, until hearing the moist leafs under my leather boot crack in the slightist way, perked ears, peaked sense, now she darts, her wiry muscles propelling her in leaps and bounds. A gently trickle of water oozes out from the rocks and ferns, forming a soft stream that gathers in momentum and size, it carves it name in this lush valley, just as my heart flows and pumps with blood and so too as I am called a name, here.

Old growth Fir trees push on the sky ceiling, Blue Jays squawk and taunt each other, Raven’s black sharp wings slice the air in two, its all un folding, with constant force and subtle power. I must and will grow stronger here, stronger in my natural way. A piece of this earth, I am made of this.

astronomadNature, She Knows This Place